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Saturday, 4 April 2015

Property development and G&B Lawyers

G&B Lawyers are experts in getting Development Consents and property development.

Did you know that if Council refuses a Development Application (DA) you have a right of appeal to the Land & Environment Court.

Appealing your DA also includes DAs which have not been resolved by Council within a reasonable length of time.

The Land & Environment Court is a specialist court designed to hear and determine DA appeals involving all different types of development projects e.g. residential / commercial / industrial developments, childcare centres, retirement villages and waste depots (to name a few).

These DA appeals are not heard by Judges but specialist Commissioners who have practical experience with developments. 

Normally specialist lawyers appear for the parties to resolve the issues and run the hearing. 

In DA appeals you only have to pay your own lawyers fees, if you lose the appeal, who are not up for the winning side's legal fees.  In other courts, (Supreme & District) if you lose you will have to pay the other side's legal bill.  The rule in the Land & Environment Court is that each party pays their own legal costs.

G&B Lawyers has 10 years experience in running DA appeals in the Land & Environment Court.

We have run all sorts of appeals, childcare centres, retirement villages, major commercial developments, residential flat buildings, recycling waste facilities, landfills, hotels / pubs, churches, shop top housing, hobby farm developments and horse training facilities to name a few.

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